Monday, 3 May 2010


Finally, my first of 2 shows this week has gone up and gone on display for a week from today, we put the work into the gallery on saturday and its a really diverse collection of work, there is video, painting, sculpture, print, etc... and it all works very well together. My work has came together very well, it involves 3 tv's displaying 3 videos of breaking news coverage of the death of princess diana, 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings, like I've previously said.

It's quite difficult to capture with a camera, not helped by the fact it is pretty dark in there (which works very well for me)

The show is on all week from today 12pm-6pm and we have a private view on Wednesday 6pm-9pm.

Meanwhile my end of year show is on tommorow night, which means I have to get all my portfolio work done for then aswell, not good. For that show I am having a show reel of highlights of my years work in Video, which will work well for showing the tutors aswell, much better than just having a few screenshots.

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