Monday, 25 January 2010

Charity Shop's

Pretty successful day going round charity shops today, I picked up Does It Offend You, Yeah?'s album and the Che Guevara 'A Revolutionary Life' book, both for £1.50! (the book is massive and usually costs 16 quid!!) but sadly missed out on two cool looking photography books when going to get cash. I've learnt my lesson, always get cash beforehand when charity shopping... In oxfam I purcashed the seminal Smashing Pumpkins album 'Melon Collie and the Infinte Sadness' for £2.50 and a £6 pair of grey levi jeans, which are a little tight on me but are ok. Only problem being I found a pair of hands worth of fingernails in the back pocket!  Seriously wtf!?!....not cool. Might have to wash them before I wear them...

In oxfam I also saw a 8mm Cine camera, which I really liked the look of but was £45, we all no oxfam overcharges so I went on ebay and like magic I got a very similar Bell & Howell 624EE 8mm Cine Camera, for the grand price of £1.99 (not including postage) so overall I got myself a bit of a bargain there. I have no idea how to use a 8mm camera but from looking it up on google and youtube I think that it will be intresting to experiment with, even if I cant find any film, it looks cool and is a nice little collectors item.

As always, I like to put a piece of work up every day so today is no exception. Quite a simple little video   today from hyde park a couple of weeks ago in the snow. I wanted to create a bit more movement in my work as a majority of my pieces are from a stationary angle so I felt this was a good experiment. It carries a different look to my other work and the fact it isn't stationary does change the perception a little bit but once again its all stop motion.

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