Sunday, 24 January 2010


It's a sunday, so i've gone for a slow video for the day of peace and quiet, this video was made simply from pointing my camera at the window in my room, my window steams up when I have a shower so I tried to capture the steam slowly going. Theres a great inconsistency at the start when I open up the window, but I like that I left it in. I like this video due to I feel it has a carming effect but at the same time, its very long and not a lot happens for a lot of the video. I think it may be a piece which I can use as a background part to a piece of work as it may not hold its own, even so, its another time lapse/ stop-motion video and so it a further devolopment in my work.

Also of mention the first song from daft punk's soundtrack to Tron 2.0 has leaked and I think its bloody fantastic, I cant quite put on my finger on what makes the simple song so great but it's slowly becoming one of my favourite songs.

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