Thursday, 28 January 2010

So what do I need that for again??

It took a lot of effort but finally I've been given an iphone, it seemed like it was going to be a lot easier than it was to sort out but at last I have managed to get it sorted and it should be in my hands on monday. Shame I've got to wait over the weekend, but its better than not having one.

It seems like everyone's gone a bit mental over the ludicrously named iPad, including me to begin with, I am a self confessed apple nerd and when I first saw the pictures come up of the iPad from the keynote I must admit I was excited, when I saw the price I was even more excited. It's a lot more affordable than I imagined, but really, what is it for?

Sadly It seems that's the question on everyone's lips, I have an imac for home use, Macbook for out and about when I need it and Im soon to have an iphone which i can use as a mini-computer on a day to day basis. At what point am I going to think, I need something else in my bag, I don't even want to have to carry a bag, that's why I want a powerful phone. At what point do I need a semi functional extra gadget, I have an iphone which does my media, phone and day to day tasking needs, I have 2 computers for the heavy work. When do I go, oh actually I want an inbetween point which doesn't do the same as either particually well, the only thing that looks intresting is the ebook use, but I would prefer to have a book in my hands, then again I adore CD's but my i couldn't live without some form of ipod.

Ok I'm rambling, but the point is, I don't see the point. If it could multitask and act more like a touch screen macbook rather than an overgrown ipod touch then I would be drooling over the prospect of spending even more student loan, but I'm not as fussed as I thought I would be.  It do want to have a go on it though.

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