Friday, 22 January 2010

Loose Change

Another day and another piece of my stop motion work. I decided to make more of an animation for this one, so I took it frame by frame rather than with a constant shutter release, I used my bed side table with my lamp and my wallet and the coins in it as characters and in such this is the first video which has some sort of narrative, simple as it may be.

I've used the video as much more of a way too show a technique and to learn how to make more complex animations. I simply used blue tack to prop up the coins, open the wallet, etc... But I did find issues with keeping things in the same positions and there is certainly inconsistencies, which I actually like because it makes it seem a bit more real, but obviously I would like to create something flawless. The main inconsistency is the fact that the clock is on in the background, which obviously jumps through time whilst im making the work, but I kind of like that...

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