Wednesday, 27 January 2010

the day that was yesterday

So, the day that was yesterday. Started out pretty hunky dory to be honest, went into central, looked around brick lane/ spitalfields and took some really cracking photos. Not a lot in quantity but some really great shots. I thought I would have a day away from stop frame photography/video and it seemed to be working well. I had took some great urban shots so I decided to go to a more natural part of london, I live in Kingston so I thought Richmond Park would be a great idea, not too far away and supposedly a very nice park (twice the size of central park??)  I didn't think about quite how long it would take me to travel there, from liverpool street it took me roughly an hour to get there. Not cool, but even worse, you would imagine to someone who hasn't been to Richmond before it would be clearly signposted as Its a very high acclaimed park,  no....It really isnt. After getting lost for another at least 45 minutes, the night was drawing to a close (damn winter!!) and I really couldn't muster a good photograph. Only good point of the latter half of my day is I found a bus to kingston more or less as soon as I got out of the dark scary looking park.

Anyway rant over, here's some more photos.

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