Saturday, 23 January 2010

Iphone's and Socks

Today I ordered my iphone from work, been thinking about getting one for a long time and since I work for orange I get a ridiculously good price for it. I also bought 10 pairs of socks, not for the iphone, just because I have not got one pair of socks without a hole in them. Before the inevitable happens and my iphone (which I will receive in the week) puts me off work for a week or so I thought I would carry on sharing my stop frame video's on here. 

Todays's video is quite a short one, filmed in quite a substancially less frames than a lot of previous videos, I used my camera and tripod to capture ducks swimming in the only non frozen part of the lake in hyde park. I also recorded the noise from the ducks on my phone, it doesn't quite capture how noisy they were, clearly all having to be in one confined space wasn't going down that well. Its the first time I have brought recorded sounds into the video, like when I added music it gives it another depth and it makes the series of photos more like a video. 

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