Thursday, 21 January 2010

Snowman - More Stop Motion

So, Im going to try and post a piece of work a day to get the ball rolling on this blog. Today's piece was created last wednesday after another downpour of snow. Rather than letting the snow go to waste I used the opportunity to create work and of course, build a snowman. Myself, Charlie, Hannah and Sam made this snowman in around 15 minutes which turned out to be around 4 and a half minutes of photos. I've gotta say, im pretty proud of us, thats a pretty beasty snowman! The video does suddenly cut out when I think my camera got to cold to carry on taking pictures, but luckily it was pretty close to the end so you cant see much of a difference. This also marked the period of these works when I started adding music as I feel it adds so much more to the videos themselves, you can completely change the pace just by changing the soundtrack.

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