Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Stop Motion

My motivation at the moment lies within stop motion videos, I like to work by finding a method and then wrapping a concept around that. I have found this is what gets me most interested and gets me the best results. I have previously worked within trying to make motion within a still image* and that set me up to do the opposite and work with still images to make motion, Its been tried and tested but I hope I can find a new adventurous way in which to use it.

My first video is of a self smoking cigarette, it comes from previous work in which I have took pictures of people on tube trains**, I liked the loneliness that exists on the tube and how you can have a very self contained quiet moment whilst on the tube. A very similar feeling can occur when you smoke by yourself, you start to look at every little thing around you and you exist in your own little bubble for 3 or 4 minutes before going back to the real world. I took that premise further by having the cigarette smoking and also addressed the start and end of the life of the cigarette with the music which backs it.

I used a DSLR camera, a tripod and a remote shutter release which i locked down so it took and image every second or so, theres moments when nothing happens and theres inconsistencies, but thats what i like about the video. What do you think?

*To the bottom, photos from my old movement project *
**To the side, photos from the tube**

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