Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day so far...

Had a fairly sucessful day so far, done quite a lot, went and got out the two books I want to read for research into my work, went and did a bit of shopping. Tried to (I will find out if it's successfull in a bit) do a new stop motion & I Watched Loose Change (once again part of researching.)

Yesterday I played around with some photo's, like I showed yesterday, which I will post in a little while, read some of the really interesting 'Why Photography Matter As Art As Never Before' which is a really intresting read actually and worked on my video for 'The Assasination of Barrack Obama' a piece I'm not sure about, I would like to mix in footage of his inauguration, where, lets face it a lot of people watched just to see if he would get shot at, and sound of JFK's inauguration and assasination. I want to create a 'what if'  like piece, I've decided to try and be tasteful with it and so I've created it as something you have to think about rather than a drawing of Obama being shot, because that would simply be disrespectful. I think I've got to be careful not to cross any lines, so It may be a while before I show that piece on here.

Also, watch the new Gorillaz video for 'Stylo', sadly It wont let me embed the video so here's the link:

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