Thursday, 18 March 2010

On Photography

I am reading (trying to read) a book by Susan Sontag called 'On Photography' it is really quite interesting, although in my sleepy state when I try to read I do just end up closing my eyes and having to re-read the same sentence a million times. The chapter I am on at the moment is about Diane Arbus and her 'freak' photography, its quite interesting to read through the chapter as I feel, it is something which just couldn't be written nowadays (well certainly published) not because anything that's said is particually horrible, but because you can't really put dwarfs, giants, twins, people with tattoos all over them, in one bracket and if you do, you really cant call them freaks.
Anyways I didn't actually know her before, so I figured I should look at her work as I'm reading about it and its some stunning photography, very of its time (the 1960's) but nonetheless great work. I thought I'd share some on here. I really would like to get into proper portrait photography, black and white and working with a manual camera (I have enough of them) I'm thinking about taking a few days away from staring at the computer with the hope it will miraculously come up with the end result of the video I want to create and do some fresh work. Knowing me though, it won't work, I think I need to plan a place to go, type of people I would like to photograph and how I want to do it. As when I just go out and take photos of people, frankly, they look a bit shit.

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