Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Man, I love London

I decided to have a little visit to central today, being a sunny day and not really knowing what to do with my day yet. I wanted to go to the photographers gallery but the way I know to it was closed off to pedestrians, i couldnt be bothered with struggling to find a different way in so I did a bit of shopping (only actually buying one thing) was nice to spend a bit if time looking around the shops in Oxford street. I walked down to carnaby street where ive not spent a great deal of time before to go to the Alice Anderson show at the riflemaker gallery and once again got put off by shops and starbucks (where I got a free pack of their new instant coffee...might be good, I'd like to drink more coffee at home) where I saw a crowd of people. I thought nothing of it as I had a little look and couldn't see anything of interest, upon second inspection after going to a few shops I realised it was Barbara Windsor (and pam Sinclair) filming eastenders, I don't watch eastenders but it still made my day.

Looking around backstreets I found the Alice Anderson show completly by accident, it was a house covered in hair! The exhibition was intresting, the rapunzel hair sprouting around the house was excellent and I loved the layout of the show but the other pieces didn't inspire much interest in me sadly. I then also went to another random gallery, but it was really quite dire.

Covent garden next, I found a much larger section of shops with a few indie's and more obscure shops, I think everyone but me knows about it, there was a lot of people, but it was a nice detour from the covent garden I was aware of, thats the good thing with London, you can always find new things.

Lastly I went on the hunt for the graffiti area set up by banksy in waterloo 'The Tunnel', its really cool to go and look at, its nice that people have got this space where they can graffiti and they don't have to worry about anything else. Its not the greatest work of all time, but its cool to see all this work which will hopefully stay there for a long time just due to the fact its perfectly legal for it all to be there.

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