Monday, 1 March 2010

Richmond Park

Man I'm bad at posting on this blog recently, too much shit going on, but I couldn't really tell you what I've done....

Anyways. I finally made it too Richmond park today, I walked from home and it was much easier, although I was on my feet for around 4 hours, there and back and walking around the park, I feel pretty good for it though, I worked out I walked around 9 miles. Good times....

I was basically going to Richmond park to find this view:


Luckily, I found many other lovely sites on the way otherwise I would be pretty gutted. 
That view is a protected view of St Paul's Cathedral from the highest point in Richmond Park, there's a telescope, and it does look pretty sick to be fair, but still...It was slightly lame. I thought there was more to it than that. Luckily down the hill from there you can see the entire london skyline, which is pretty cool, it's amazing just how close I am to central london, it really doesn't feel like it when I'm sitting here in my room in surbiton.

I am going to work on some cool pictures I got from richmond park and post them tommorow, I'm a bit too tired right now...

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