Wednesday, 24 February 2010


It's officially thursday and Ive just messed up this week. I don't know where it has gone.
Today I tried to make a piece of work for another idea of mine to very little success. The idea was to have a stringless guitar with a projection over the top of a guitar with strings, same guitar just before and after I've taken the strings off. I felt this would hopefully make a strange piece of work where the viewer at first would be unaware what is real and what is not, as everything would seem fine to begin with.
Is it a projection of a guitar?
Is it a projection of a guitar on a real guitar?
What am I supposed to be looking at?
Hopefully with further studying it would trigger that there was that slight change and what was real was a stringless guitar but you where made to believe it is a guitar with strings.

I went to uni with the best intentions of making that today, but something just didn't click for me, I got in and just didn't feel very welcome, the less I go into university (I do kinda do my work at home) the less space I get in our studio and my space is starting to look like a bit of a dumping ground. I suppose it's my own fault but there are other people who do the same as me, I'm just not a studio type of guy, I go into university for tutorials, seminars, lectures and then either go into london or do work from home, with work at the weekends aswell, my time goes quick so It never really fits into my life does studio time. I have been in the studio more recently but still I'm never really in 'my space' and something just doesn't flow well for me there.

So anywho, I took some pictures to make a small loop of the still guitar with strings and went ahead un-stringing the already broken guitar which I got from a charity shop. Greatly being rusted and without some tuning pegs, that was a lot more difficult than I intended. When I got around to going to get a projector so I could try it out, the moving image lending department was closed, I was ten minutes late, It opens for just one hour!  Which to me seems odd...

So I wasn't really feeling it and I just went back home, not very constructive really.
Oh and then I found out I had a tutorial this afternoon like 2 hours later, which I also missed. So really quite a shit day.

Somehow tommorow I have got to fit in a seminar presentation group thing (which I'm not showing in) a tutorial for 'history is no longer real' which is half way through the presentation group thing and I have to be at work for 12:30 till 7 o clock!! Great!!  I really planned that one well...

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