Wednesday, 3 February 2010

This is my friend laura making a lamp, which is a bit weird, but I was getting stuck for ideas, its part of her product design course and is something I may re-visit as the product gets more advanced. Once again I have used different types of shots and experimented and it is this rather than the source material which this video is about. There were more shots that I took and wanted to experiment with but a lot had to be canned so this is the finished product. The middle section of the video which looks different to the rest has an interesting feel to it and is something I quite like by itself, I definitely feel like this video has sections which even though are based around the same premise hopefully keep up intrest and feel to me like different scenes within it.

I am quite stuck for ideas, I've done quite a lot of different types of video's and would have hoped that I would be at this point and thinking I knew exactly where I wanted to go next with this project, but unfortunately I still don't really know. I am enjoying experimenting but at the same time I want a defined idea now, a concept on which to wrap this method around and for some reason I just cant get there. It is really quite frustrating, There's a part of me that thinks I'm not trying hard enough but maybe thats because usually its not this difficult. I like work to be natural, and a natural progression, I think that's a definition of a fine artist, there work progresses, something might take your intrest (i.e. Stop Motion) and swing you in a certain direction, but overall you progress through work. I do wonder sometimes wether this is really what I'm good at and really what I should be doing with my life, but at the moment it's this or selling phones - and to be honest I'm not amazing at that. I'm paying a lot of money to be here at the moment and although I am enjoying life, living by myself, earning enough to be able to get nice things, being at university, being with great mates, something's missing and sadly - I think it may be the art. I definitley have enough method's going around in my mind but something to bring it all together is missing. Concept's on the back of a postcard please. 

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