Saturday, 20 February 2010


It's been a stressful week or so, putting on our first group exhibition, there was a lot of tension in the group and last minute difficulties, but really looking at it last night, you really wouldn't have known. In fact, the day ran pretty smoothly, it all clicked at the right time yesterday and I feel everyone was proud of the work and the space we put it into. I think the space, being in Wimbledon (us being in Kingston) did cause a lot of difficulty, just because we really didn't know if it was going to be big enough, but actually there was plenty of space and it looked really, really good. Another tension was getting the work there, but overall that was pretty flawless aswell, it's a damn shame that it took so long for all of us to realise it was actually going to work very well, there was negativity from within the group which I know other people on our course knew of and it's a shame that it kind of took away from the exhibition itself.

'Mostro Dagli Occhi Verdi'

'Caterna Montunosa'

'Arte Rupestre' 

The exhibition itself, was called 'Routes' and was to do with a single tree in Bushy Park, in Kingston which we all went to and then went off and created work from. Most people only saw the tree once, which meant we all had a quite blurred vision of it and created vastly different pieces. A lot of them were to do with childhood and how we all felt when climbing about on the tree, that sense of not caring and being free. 

My work deals with illusion and imagination, the photos are all images from part's of the tree itself, but apart from the top photo, I feel you wouldn't get that at first glance and even as a set you wouldn't necessarily see the link, I want you to look at the photo's and get your own vision of what they are, taking of your adult glasses and just looking at the images and imagining. The titles of my pieces are what I saw when I first looked at them, but translated (hopefully well, but it only adds to it if not) into Italian.

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