Friday, 5 February 2010

Surfer Blood

I saw Surfer Blood supporting Pete & The Pirates last night in Kingston and I am head over tails with them, I had listened to them before a few times and knew I liked their sound but after last night I can honestly say they are my top new band of 2010. Ive just bought their album 'Astro Coast' from 7digital and I didn't think was avaliable in this country yet, so im pretty excited about that. They are really worth checking out a lot of their songs are on their myspace. 'Swim' is probably there most infectious tune, but honestly every songs a killer, the album is a grower but if you get the chance to see them live, do so, because they really did kill it.

They've got a very surf, bluesy, american indie rock sound, I would say drawing comparisons with The Shins & We Are Scientists amongst others. I think with these and The Drums this could be the year of the surf rock revival.

And yes that's right I bought the album I am one of the few remaining people of my generation who buys music and I'm bloody proud. If your more of a single song kinda person I recommend Swim, Floating Vibes, Harmonix & Twin Peaks.

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