Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The sun is shining

Well that has made me happier, there has been blue sky today, the sun has been shining and suddenly everything doesn't feel so bad. It also helps that I've had a successful day I went to the introduction to our 2 month workshop with Serena Korda today, it's called 'history was no longer real...' and will cultivate with a exhibition at the toilet gallery in Kingston. We will all be working from the idea's raised, of which it is hoped that we already are interested in.

I really feel positive about it, what Serena talked about today is how I would like to work, they are ideas which have been loosely bopping about in my head and things which I am very much interested in, in general. This group project will just mean that I will have to work within certain constraints which will hopefully ground me so I can create better work. Obviously everyone's finished pieces will be different, but as a starting point it very much excites me.

There are ideas of hyper-realism and questions of where the lines of the real and un-real are being blurred. What we see in the news, isn't neccessirily the truth, but rather its what we are told is the truth. I am quite a conspiracy theory nut, so this sort of thing really intrigues me. Aswell I have been watching a lot of newswipe recently (the charlie brooker program, one of the only shows I rarely miss) and I a lot of the things said about the media in that program relate to these idea's.

Photography is a key element in Korda's ideas, especially how it can be effected and how photography can show you something which actually doesn't exist, I had a tutorial yesterday with a tutor called Jeff and a lot of similar artist's and ideas for where I could go with my stop motion work were raised, this is the nail in the coffin really, I feel this is definitely the start of where it should go.

There's too much for me to write really, I'm inspired and that's important.

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