Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Finally got my 8mm Camera in today and it looks great, even if I cant get any 8mm film to use it its a real cool collectors item, it comes in its own leather pouch and I can't get over what a good condition it is in considering it was so cheap. So thank you very much ebay.

Haven't achieved a lot with my day really, got woke up by my lovely housemate who decided she was doing work on a bus so I should go on the bus with her and do a stop motion video, it was a good idea, but it just didn't work. The bus was crowded, went on a boring route and when I finally did do a video, it came out appaulingly bad, unfortunately the light was all over the place so it completely ruined the exposure which once I've set it off can't be changed unless I stop the camera taking photos and start again, which simply doesn't happen when you are in a moving vehicle not controlled by yourself as the video would have leaped. So that was a shame, as a plus it was the first time one of my video's has gone badly.

Ive also started (rather lately) looking into studying abroad next semester, it really intrests me as I think it would change how I work, for the better and give me a massive bit of life experience, it would also put travelling and working into one so it beats a gap year. If that doesn't happen then I think I will definitely have a gap summer, I'm thinking of either treking it around europe or going a bit further a field, like a small few stop round the world trip or going around a big country like the USA. I'm not sure yet, but I've just got the travelling vibe and really want to do it.

Here's another video from yesterday:

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