Monday, 8 February 2010

I went in a car today

I carried on with the car and motion themes today, by driving around and doing stop motion videos. I put the camera on the dash whilst my friend drove around Kingston. We managed to be taking the same route as a large van for quite a majority of the trip, which does effect the view a bit, but I like the idea and think im going to carry on with this transport route that I'm taking.
I'm still trying to think of an underlying concept and I think transport may be what I do for the moment, I feel like I have worked in similar ways before though so it would be nice to do something a little bit different to be honest.

I was thinking (and I don't really know where this would go) of working in quite a high concept way, by putting my life into blocks, a little like how I used to log my life. Working out how I live my life, or working out a way to live it best and then putting it into a rigid timetable. I kind of got the idea from a mix of talking about post modernism in art history today and thinking about the movie about a boy, when hugh grant says he puts everything he does into half an hour blocks, would be weird to see how that would work and how a rigid timetable would effect my life. But if my work was making and sticking to this timetable, what would I do with my life, as I would be the work. It would be like some crazy truman show with just one person.......

Its an idea....

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