Friday, 12 February 2010

Another Week, Another Blur

Seriously, how the hell is it Friday? What have I achieved with my week? I really don't know, It feels like recently the weeks are getting much shorter. I have made a few stop motions this week, but they were featured on my last blog because they weren't very good so overall there isn't a lot of positivity about this week. I could try and do one more today, but I also need to try and get my work printed for next week's exhibition, there's a week to go but I can't leave it till the last minute.

Couple of first's this week:
1. First day I've gone without dinner (as in evening meal not lunch) since I've been here. I'm usually a very hungry person, but I actually skipped a meal. Not really something to be proud of... but its a first.
2. First time I've ever cooked a steak, and I did a fairly good job.
2. First time I've successfully napped since I've been here. (This could be disputed, but I think I've only rested in the day previously)
Now the Third caused a very blurry day, after going out Wednesday night and actually getting up for a 10.30 seminar group show and tell thing, I got back slept and then was completely and utterly confused as to what day It was, what time It was, when I had gone to the seminar/if I had gone to the seminar and why I was clothed in bed (bad idea, I get warm when I sleep!)

But I still managed to go and see British Sea Power at new slang last night, now I won't lie, I didn't know a lot about these apart from they were mercury nominated, play very well live and I had a recollection of Waving Flags, but I checked them out on spotify yesterday and managed to convince someone to come with me and I'm really glad I went. They played extremely well, they have two singers which took around half a set each, which I really liked. Even though the crowd was a much more mature audience than usual for new slang, people still went fooking mental for them, which was good to see, due to tiredness, and not knowing the words, I stayed on the sidelines. The singers both have a weird creepy look as they stare out to the audience during songs, It was weird, but I liked that they were weird. The last song was madness, two of the band crowdsurfed whilst still playing instruments, they were climbing up on the PA's (that the staff weren't too keen on) and all in all looked to be having as much fun as we were watching them.
I'm definitely going to get more into them and hopefully watch them again some day.

Here's some random photo's from a while back cause I have nothing else to show for my day's. 

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