Sunday, 7 February 2010

in a roundabout way

Went to Jamie T at brixton last night, which was a really crackin night, he played impecciably well, played all the songs I would of wanted to hear, had loads of energy and a great crowd. I had heard good things so I knew it was going to be a good gig and he definitely delivered. It was nice that he played a lot of material from both albums, ending with the best songs from his latest album, 'Spider's Web' 'Sticks n Stones' & 'Chaka Demus' the last two of which were inevitable but great. One dissapointment I did have was 'Sheila' I think they played it perfectly well but for some reason It didn't do it for me, which is a shame because it was the song I first heard of his, long before his album came out, when it was a rough demo and even though it's been overplayed there is still a big place in my heart for it. I was glad he didn't focus on either album too much, although It did feel like a lot of the middle of the set focused on his first LP and they where possibly more of the ones that got the audience going, he did manage to play a majority of both albums of which I was very glad about as both are great.
With 'the pacemakers' it's like Jamie T takes a third branch, the 1st of which is a lone Wimbledon rapper with a acoustic bass, the second his new mature sound with a much more varied approach, in terms of instrumentation and vocals, whereas live with his band he kind of takes the best of both, the fun and freedom of his first album and the more mature full sound of his second. It works well and makes it very worth while seeing him live as you don't get a carbon copy of his album's material.
In all the getting into central london after work who-ha, I didn't get chance to post the 2nd video from the ones I did on friday. So here's the second one:

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