Sunday, 14 February 2010


I was walking back from work today and I couldn't help but look through people's windows, I think I do it often I might have just been more aware of it today, I really didn't realise how much I do it. I swear more people than usual had bright lights on. I would like to do a photo project of peoples windows, Im aware it's pretty darn rude and about as far as you can get from the done thing but at the end of the day its really quite a common thing, everyone has a little sneaky nose into a strangers house. It's kind of fun to see what stuff they've got and to be honest if its a brightly lit living room, surely you are kind of showing off your belongings anyway. Somewhere in your sub-concious you must put the 50 inch plasma screen in view of the outside world so you can show of a bit.

It's weird how ettiquette can get in the way of art, or more specifically it gets in the way of my art, I felt really strange when I tried to do work on the underground and couldn't get a lot done just due to how people may react. Overall though, its a public place, if your in a public space why can't I take your photograph, most the people on the tube are reading papers full of pictures from the paparazzi, so if we can stare at people just because they are 'famous' what's wrong with me taking a picture of you.

I am aware it is different and isn't all that plain sailing, I would feel uncomfortable with someone on the train taking a picture of me, but its weird how these things work...

Obviously taking a picture of someone's house would be considered extremely rude and if I caught someone doing that to me, to be honest I would feel a bit worried, scared and I don't really want to do that to people and I don't really want to do it incognito either, if people see you doing that, then you really are buggered, you could only really be fairly obvious about something like that. I would really like to try it, maybe as just a one day thing, just to try it out and see how it goes, I think I would have to be confident in how I take the photographs otherwise they just wouldn't come out very well so I would have to decide exactly how I would do it and stick to it.

I don't really know if I will go any further with this idea, people are entitled to their privacy and that's only fair, but I do think I could create some intresting work and also some intresting writing's on the subject, maybe I could just do some writing about it, in a similar flavour to 'the flaneur', whatever I do do, its nice to feel a bit excited about an idea, and I do feel it could go somewhere, I could link it in with my videos aswell, although standing outside someones house taking 500 photographs would definitely be odd...

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